My Dad would be 83 today.

If he were still around, I would buy a jar of Planters dry-roasted peanuts and a six-pack of Genny and present them to him with a kiss on his bearded cheek. I would wrap my arms around his worn, red chamois shirt and drink in the familiar scent of him. He would most likely be sitting cross-legged on the couch in the den -the spot time-worn and molded to his slight frame, the t.v. remote always within reach.

I wouldn’t mind seeing him again, but I don’t think that would be fair. He was ready to leave. He was ready to go. He did his work here and he did it well. He was a good man, a respected teacher, and a loving father.

No, I would not ask him to come back for my benefit, but I do like to remember him, as do my four siblings.

When we talk of him, it is always with a laugh and a light heart. And that, by itself, is an impressive legacy.





You go from us

Into a new becoming;

We rejoice for you and wish you

An easy journey out into the Light.


The winds will speak to us of you,

The waters will mention your name;

Snow and rain and fog,

First light and last light,

All will remind us that you

Had a certain way of being

That was dear to us.


You go back to the land you

Came from and beyond.

We will watch for you

From time to time.

~ Mayme Kimes