Pancakes and prosecco

Today was a tough one. There was no school Thursday and Friday of last week due to the biggest snowstorm or the season: 18 inches of white stuff. Saturday brought another few inches.

not a bad snow hill

not a bad snow hill

enough snow to make driveway forts. This is even after the plow has come

enough snow to make driveway forts. This is even after the plow has come

"Uh, I'd like to come in" *please note: my dog LOVES the snow. Please do not bash me on Facebook for being a cruel, heartless dog owner.

“Uh, I’d like to come in”
*please note: my dog LOVES the snow. Please do not bash me on Facebook for being a cruel, heartless dog owner.

We had a reprieve on Sunday, and Monday promised to be clear. But, alas, Monday delivered a sick child. Tuesday brought another storm and school cancellation-deep breath, I can handle this.

Today is Wednesday and I am completely blindsided. How could we possibly have more snow? My weather app has failed me and I am not sufficiently prepared mentally. No matter, I tell myself, because today is the day that all my adorable children scamper off to school!

But it is not to be. My visions of a quiet house dissolve as one of the youngest comes to me complaining of a headache. He stays home from school with his twin (who is going nowhere without his brother) and I spend my day on the couch with a feverish little boy and watch it snow. Sounds lovely out of context, but I have been in this goddamn house for days upon days. All I do is cook and clean and buy food and cook and clean. I spend this snowy Wednesday sitting and consoling and meeting the digestive needs of my boys. Except for my predawn morning escape with my dog, I do not leave to house. As five o’clock rolls around, I realize in horror that I will once again have to feed these beasts. This is the bane of a mother’s existence: having to constantly feed the creatures that she has created. I mean, I fed them all a snack at 4pm. For the love of God, can’t we all just have a glass of milk and call it a night? Of course not.

I have chicken in the fridge and some greens. This elicits whines all around. “We have chicken every night!” This a total exaggeration. But I do like chicken, let’s just say that.

I wait. And wait. I am not hungry and I do not really care. I have not left the house today and I have HAD IT, people. I do not give a flying F that you want to eat YET AGAIN.

I live in denial as children continue to badger me with demands for sustenance. When my seventeen-year-old innocently asks what’s for dinner, I warn him that I may hurt him.

But then…inspiration! What is the ultimate dinner default?


Yeah, baby! Pancakes and bacon for dinner. Simple, yummy and I have all the ingredients. As I grab the eggs from the fridge, I see it- the bottle of prosecco. Things are looking up!

I get the bacon going and pop the cork. The lovely, light bubbles immediately lift my spirits, and this is before I have even taken the first sip. I find some kale in the fridge and pull it out. Throw it in a pan with some butter and I’ve got my dinner. All bases are covered.

The pancakes come of the grill and I serve ‘em up. My daughter shrieks in terror. We are out of syrup. At this point I have 1.5 glasses of bubbly under my belt. I am super woman. No syrup? No problem! Fresh raspberry sauce, coming up!

I grab the last crumbly remnants of a long forgotten bag of frozen fruit from the freezer, throw it in a pan with some butter (we go through lots of butter) and sugar and BAM! A culinary treat. My six-year-old has four pancakes- a new record for him. I sit and enjoy my kale and crumbled bacon with a pancake side…accompanied nicely with another crisp glass of prosecco. Yum.

This always happens. The tail end of February is tough. It has been a long, cold, snowy winter and I think we are all ready for a bit of relief. We will make it. We always do. It is the contrast of these crazy February days that makes the light of spring so much more glorious.

It’s coming. I hear it in the morning on my walks, the birds are excited. Even when it’s snowing, they tell me: things are changing, the light is different, it’s coming. The sky can dump and dump, but Spring will eventually come, and that feeling is like nothing else. A few more weeks and we are home free.

Until then, there is always prosecco.